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Penny Pinchers Unite

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

Avoiding brand names while shopping? Running through the house like a maniac turning off switches and unplugging things that aren’t being used? Maybe you’re just wearing that ‘dirty’ pair of jeans for one more day before giving in to do another load of laundry. These are just examples but chances are, like many people, you’re cutting back in certain areas trying to pinch pennies in this soft economy.
But when will we bounce back? That’s entirely uncertain, but what is certain is that you’d rather sacrifice a few simple luxuries here and there than part with your grown up toys and favorite pastimes that may include motorcycles, RVs, and horses.
These things can bring joy even during the lowest of lows. Whether that joy comes from showing off your street bike at a national rally or hitting the trails with your four legged friends you inevitably need to transport said items.
Admittedly, these vessels are not ‘cheap’ by any means of the word, but even in a floundering economy, the excitement and overwhelming joy that you experience are worth a little sacrifice. For that reason, Phoenix Coach Works offers a wide variety of custom-built trailers and vans to suit your transport needs and fit nicely within your budget.
From two horse vans to 15 horse trailers, Phoenix Coach Works offers fully customizable, high quality products that put you in complete control of design and function. Our featured item this week is the Phoenix Euro-van
The Phoenix Euro-van is built on the Mercedes Sprinter chassis which is a wonderful option for someone hauling two horses that doesn’t want to splurge on a truck and a trailer. This two-horse van will save you time and money in the following ways:

  • Our 188hp Mercedes Benz engine with eco-conscious technology gets 16-17 mpg fuel economy compared to 11mpg with a truck pulling a trailer.
  • Reduced maintenance costs compared to truck and trailer combinations.
  • Innovative safety gates, loading ramps, adjustable partitions, and a quick-release breast-bar make for efficient loading and ease of use.
  • Aluminum lined interior is fully insulated for the maximum comfort of your animals.

Whatever you do, don’t let the troubled economy get you down.  Be frugal where you must, but when it comes to the things that bring you happiness, don’t feel bad spending your hard-earned money on yourself and those you love (chances are it brings them joy as well).  If you have any questions regarding our products and services, please feel free to contacts us for all of your trailer and horse van needs.

Introducing 2 Horse Vans

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

Phoenix Coach Works has built 4 horse, 6 horse, 8 and 9 horse van bodies as well as 15 Horse Trailers for a couple of decades now. What sets our horse vans apart from the competition? We build our horse trailers to commercial grade standards. Our frames are so strong and long lasting that after 25 years in business, over 90% of our horse vans and trailers are still on the road today!

Our clients are used to the Phoenix Coach Works standard of quality, and we are bringing the same level of excellence to our new 2 Horse Van, also known as “horseboxes”. These smaller horse vans have become more popular in recent years after originating in Europe.

Due out late this summer, our new 2 Horse Van will include a cab and chassis as well as a tack room for the most affordable solution for transporting your horses. We will also be sure to include all of our standard horse van features that you have come to love such as:

• Lightweight aircraft aluminum spring loaded poles and breast bars are durable without adding unnecessary weight to your horse van.

• Easy rolling lightweight aluminum ramp which makes the loading and unloading process a snap.

• ¾” Rubber on floor and kick walls makes for the most comfortable transportation for your horses

• Many More! Click here to review full list of horse van standard features

As always, if you have special needs we can create any custom configuration you want. To learn more about our newest offering, the 2 horse van, contact us today.